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The story.  It’s everything in public relations and the same certainly holds true for us in video production.  You’re about positioning, messaging and influence.  We’re about bringing all of that to life through a visual experience.  Together, we can capitalize on this synergy between PR and video storytelling to best serve your clients.

Video is one of your best returns on investment today, and I’d encourage you to think beyond a single video.  Try different styles – some more informative, others entertaining.  Some with interviews, others with footage and graphics.  Keep them short!  Consistent, quality content is key.

Start by identifying your target audience.  Then, work with your video pros to develop a comprehensive strategy to realize your communications goals.  Often, you can capture the footage for several videos at once – even if you wait to invest in post-production.

Here are a few ways to fully tap into the value of video in PR:

Include a short video to tell the story in your pitch to reporters, bloggers and influencers.  Make it memorable!

If you have an event or interview appearance, send the stations edited footage with soundbites, and you make their job even easier.  It’s an affordable way to capitalize on your footage.  We’ve seen footage Fireside has produced for its Clients on ESPN, CNN, local television news stations and online platforms.

Use video for event invitations and thank you messages.  Fireside also offers a Real-Time Video package that allows you to engage across social media platforms as an event is taking place – with short video vignettes.  It’s a ton of fun and an effective way to ensure those who aren’t at your event – still experience the message.

Enhance thought leadership efforts with videos that inform and influence.  You can roll out regular videos on timely, relevant topics… and think outside the box as well.  The topic doesn’t need to be a direct tie to what your client does… if it’s something that’s trending or might answer a question your target audience is asking – you’ll find the return is invaluable.

Because video is such a personal medium, it’s a wonderful way to build relationships and now, it’s easy to track data on video performance and reach to deliver to your clients.  To learn more about proving the value of video in public relations to your clients, join me at the PRSA Fall Conference Nov. 16 at the Denver Aquarium.

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